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With better smartphones and more affordable high-end cameras, we find ourselves with a lot more photos than we used to. But it’s not only the quantity that has gone up. Our photos become better, have more depth, wonderful colour and thanks to various settings, they become generally more professional. However, while we gather more and more photos, we often forget to use them for more than filling up our smartphone storage and posting on social media. Too often, great or important photos get lost when your phone is exchanged or breaks. Turn data into decoration and show off your photos as high-quality prints from ifolor. Play with different formats and styles and make more out of your photos!

Inspiration for your photos

Your photos deserve special attention. But the road to creating decorations from your photos does not end with printing them. There are numerous ways in which you can put your photos in the limelight. This starts with image editing and goes all the way to crafting ideas for your photos. In our ifolor blog you will find numerous inspirations that will actively assist you from printing to cutting. For example, you could make a garland from your photos or use your pictures to create a photo world map. Be inspired and experience photography with ifolor!

Professional tips for your photos

For your own blog, photo book or other photo products – The perfect photo is every amateur photographer’s dream. In order to achieve this goal, many factors have to be taken into account. From the angle of sunlight to the choice of motif, the quality of your photo is influenced by many factors. In this blog post, we’ll give you some helpful advice so that nothing stands in the way of your perfect photo. With a smartphone or an SLR camera, our professionals have many tips and tricks for you.

Around the world with your photos

You are an enthusiastic globetrotter and love to experience foreign places and cultures up close? Create something unique from the photos you took on your world travels! In this post, we show you how you can create a creative wall decoration with your photos, a world map and a few utensils. In this step-by-step guide you’ll also learn how to select the best photos so that your memories get a proper stage to shine on and you can enjoy your decoration for the longest time.

Craft a garland with your photos

For young and old a photo garland is a creative idea to turn wonderful photos into a beautiful decoration that adorns every home. In this article we present some inspirations on how you can design your personal photo garland in different ways. For example: Use many small decorations or even a simple coat hanger to design your garland as a gift or decoration for your home. Be inspired and turn your photos into a unique decoration!

Best of: ifolor photos

We are passionate about printing your photos so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Photos and square prints are very popular with our customers. At ifolor, your photos are printed on high-quality photo paper. Your pictures shine in vibrant colours and stay beautiful for the longest time. You can then use your prints for photo books and decorations alike. Square Prints are popular for their square format, which makes them stand out from other photos and gives you new options for arranging them on your wall, photo book, or collage. Create new and exciting things using your photos from ifolor!

Your photos, printed professionally

From pixels to print: Turn your digital photos into real, beautifully printed photos! Your smartphone can take exceptionally beautiful and high-quality photos, but looking at them on your phone is just not the same as holding them in your hand. Plus, there are so many ways to use prints for creative gifts and decorations! Don’t let your photos go to waste on your phone or camera and immortalise them by having them printed in top quality at ifolor!

Think different – Think Square Prints

A special format makes a special impression: Experience your photos in a completely new way. Square prints bring a breath of fresh air into your home. The square format is very popular and the photos are delivered in a modern and stylish box, making square prints the perfect gift as well. Your photos are printed on real photo paper and you can choose to have a white border around the image as well. You can also find creative ideas on what to do with your square prints in our ifolor blog.

Photos from ifolor

Turn your digital photos into real, high-quality prints and experience photos as they should be: Live and in colour. With printed photos, you have plenty of options to create special decorations and gifts out of them. But with ifolor you have more options than ‘just’ regular photos – At ifolor, you can also order your photos in square format in outstanding quality as square prints to make a special impression. With Retro Prints you can add a little nostalgic flair to your photos – You can write messages or names on the white border just like on Polaroids.

Digital Photos

  • Classic photo prints in 9, 10, 11, 13 and 20 cm formats
  • Premium photo paper with variable photo length
  • Can be ordered from colour film too
from CHF 0.19

Have your most beautiful photos printed on ifolor premium photo paper. On prints from ifolor, your memories will shine in the best quality for a long time to come.
We process your photos whether they come from a smartphone, PC, or colour film. With your prints you can then decorate your home creatively or create a unique gift for a friend, partner, or family member.

Delivery time: 3 business days

New. Square Prints

  • Modern photo prints in square format (10 x 10 cm)
  • Premium photo paper with or without white border
CHF 19.95

Square, practical, original: The new square prints put your photos in the spotlight and bring a breath of fresh air to photo albums, your wall, or gifts.
The modern square prints can also be ordered with a white border, whether you’re using digital photos or photos from social media.

Delivery time: 3 business days

New: Retro Prints

  • Nostalgic photo prints in square format (10 x 10 cm)
  • Premium photo paper with border for vintage look
CHF 24.95

Nostalgia is not only remembering beautiful moments, but also a style that you can realise with the new retro prints. Remember your best times and keep them alive for all eternity.
The retro prints show your pictures on real high-quality photo paper and maintain the picture quality over the years.

Delivery time: 3 working days

Unique inspiration

for photos

You’ re looking for creative ideas for your photos so you can decorate your home or give someone a unique gift? Then the ifolor blog is the right place for you. Here, you’ll find inspiration on how to take great photos as well as how to use them creatively to create stylish and hip decorations. Your photos are not just paper – They are your memories and special moments that we would like to help you keep forever.


For every occasion

Unique gift ideas and inspirations

Find the right gift for every occasion – an easy task with ifolor! Be it Christmas, a Wedding, Easter, sporting events, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby & Birth, Birthdays, Travelling, den an Annual Review, Thank You or even Pet Day handelt here, you’ll find ideas and inspiration for each and every event.

Frequently asked questions about photos

At ifolor you can order your photos in five different formats. The options range from 9 cm to 20 cm. In addition to these usual formats (9, 10, 11, 13 and 20 cm), we now also offer the trendy Retro Prints and Square Prints in 10×10 cm. For the nostalgic, retro prints come in the classic Polaroid look with the familiar white margin, which you can use to label or sign. A white border can also be applied to our square prints.

Once you’ve uploaded your photos to ifolor, we’ll give you the option to label the backside of your prints. You can choose the file name or write a description of up to 30 characters. If you’re looking to label the front side with text, we recommend a simple image editing program where you can insert text and then save the image in JPEG format. Alternatively, you can manually write onto the white border of the retro prints.

Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the better. To be on the safe side, ifolor offers you a quality check during the upload process, which warns you if the resolution of an image is too low or even critical. Of course, you can still have them printed, but it is possible that the resolution of your print is not optimal.
As a guideline, we have listed the optimal resolution (in pixels) or the sensor resolution (in MP) for the different formats here:
Format 9 cm, 1050×1600 Pixel or 2.0 MP
Format 10 cm, 1200×1800 Pixel or 2.8 MP
Format 20 cm, 2400×3600 Pixel or 10 MP

We’re happy to develop your 135 colour films for you. We provide you with an order form, which you can fill out and send to us together with your film rolls. You will receive your photos within a few working days. If you wish, we can also transfer your photos to a CD and send it to you so you have digital copies. A maximum of 6 photo films fit on one CD.

To send photos directly from your smartphone, you can use the ifolor Photo Service App in our Download Centre. With this app you can easily upload your photos and order them in just a few simple steps.

Have your digital photos printed by ifolor

Give your photos a stage on which they can shine in all their glory. Your photos are safe on your smartphone and computer, but they won’t knock you off your socks until you hold them in your hands in form of professionally printed photos from ifolor. For that extra something, you can also order your photos in square format, as Square Prints or Retro Prints.
You can also order your photos conveniently from your smartphone with the ifolor Photo Service App, which you can download from our Download Centre.
You can find inspiration for your photos in our ifolor blog. Here, our professionals and creative minds gather ideas to help you create unique gifts and decorations from your photos. You’ll also find tips on photography and image editing from professional photographers.